About Us

Tillbridge Developments is a privately owned property company and an expert in the development of retail and commercial development, with a current focus on key strategic locations across the Midlands, East Anglia and Yorkshire.

Founded by John Barker, Giles Walter and Steve Gelder, Tillbridge Developments has its headquarters in Lincolnshire, and a close association with the Gelder Group, a £40m turnover operation with more than 300 staff and diverse yet relevant interests including green built environments, building supplies and waste management.

Founded on combined experience of more than 75 years in the property industry, gathered across a diverse and complex project spectrum, our management team have in the last 3 years, successfully undertaken development projects for Sainsbury’s, AF Blakemore / Spar and Tesco. Tillbridge is a niche developer, committed to our founding principles of ‘Creating property value, sustaining communities’ through the careful alignment of investor, occupier, community and environmental values around which our developments operate.

We are proud of our reputation for integrity, energy, commitment and the ability to identify and capitalise on even the most latent development potential.

Tillbridge Developments continually look for new challenges and opportunities, to find out more, please read on or get in touch.